English personal notebook

I'm in America now.

Though mostly I can tell what I thought in English, sometimes I can't put it into words because of vocabulary or nuance.

So I'm gonna write down these phrases so that next time, I can express it in English without thinking.

And It's a good timing to look up and learn some synonyms so I won't sound like stupid. haha

This is a genuinely (/ˈdʒenjuɪnli/) personal. 

Don't mind if you wonder what's the situation I'm mentioning even it looks weird situation.haha

I use this page as a sort of my notebook.

I'll explain the situation when I feel like it.





・I hear that in China, it's a kind of rude action to lift dished up with hands while eating.

"rude action" can be replaced by "bad(naughty) manner"



・I thought that he would pedal too much.

This is a situation when I and one of my friend participated in an event of cycling around SF, his electric bicycle wouldn't seem to work and his face was getting to be pale. 

I wanted to say this phrase pointing to him with a laugh, kidding.



・Damn you, autocorrect!!

Many of you might notice what the situation was like.




・ The toilet doesn't flush, its clogged. (/klɒɡ $ klɑːɡ/) But they don't have a toilet plunger.( /ˈplʌndʒə $ -ər )

Fortunately, we can use another one. If this house would have only one bathroom...it would be catastrophic.( /ˌkætəˈstrɒfɪk)