The freezing American Starbucks (not just only Starbucks)

Since I got here, in America, I often visit Starbucks which is really comfortable, cozy space to do anything like study or apps development or being relaxed.

 But I have to say...





At a first time, I had no idea what's going on.

But now, I get used to it. When I come to Starbucks, I always bring my stuff to put on.

So it no longer my concern.

It's fine.


And now I look around Starbucks......

There is always a certain number of people only with a T-shirt and a half-pants!!!



This made me really confused, like


「Is it me or is this scene looks crazy !!!???」


I think that it is something like this⇩




Hold on...... 

 On a second thought, for them, do I look like a person under a great sun, putting on a warn coat ???

That must be creepy, tho.


I googled a little bit and Mr.Google said there a number of differences among Asians, Blacks, and Caucasians such as hairy or not, muscle & fat mass, sweat glands etc....


hmm, I kind of got it, maybe or maybe not.

But one thing, I clearly understood is 

If you feel comfortable in American Starbucks........

You must not come to Tokyo in the summer.


You are gonna be like this⇩